What Can You Expect From Acne Treatments Provided by a Dermatologist?

When a person is suffering with acne, there are many issues they face. Acne consists of whiteheads, blackheads and papules. If acne is not properly treated, it can lead to permanent scarring. Though some mild cases of acne may be treated easily, many cases require medical intervention. If you are suffering with acne and are not getting any relief, you may need to seek treatment from a cosmetic dermatology. Through this treatment, you can overcome your acne issues once and for all.

There are several treatment options when it comes to treating acne. The type you receive will depend on how severe your acne is and what type. The dermatologist will need to carry out a full examination to make the call on what type of treatment will be best beneficial.

A dermatologist will often use a chemical peel to take care of papules. Chemical peels are effective in treating whiteheads and blackheads because the chemicals help to loosen the blocked pores. This allows the material in the pores to be removed so the skin can heal. Chemical peels are not for everyone and should not be used on people with sensitive skin.


Comedo extraction is another acne treatment used by the dermatologist covington la. This type of procedure uses a special device the size of a pen. This extraction device suctions out the contents of blackheads, whiteheads and papules. These devices should only be used by a dermatologist, since skin damage can occur when a person tries to squeeze and rupture skin breakouts.

In some cases, acne cysts become so large and infected, they do not respond well to other types of treatments. Since these cysts can become extremely painful and lead to serious infections, they often need to be drained and extracted through acne surgery. This surgical procedure helps to reduce the pressure and pain and reduces the risk for infection.

Phototherapy is another option for northshore dermatology. Laser and light treatments can often help certain types of acne, especially those that have not become infected. Light and laser therapy have been found to be effective in reducing acne scarring.

If you are suffering with acne that is not responding well to at-home treatment options, contact soinederm and allow them to help you. There are many different acne treatments they can offer you to help you ensure your acne is cleared once and for all. Call today for your appointment.


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